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Alison Negrin

  • ​Consulting chef

  • Culinary instructor/training

  • Recipe & menu development
  • R&D for food tech and product development
  • Fermentation geek

Chef Alison & Associates offer expertise in menu creation and recipe development for R&D, food tech, start ups, restaurants, schools and large institutions.


Special emphasis will always be on health: for the consumer and the environment


Chef Alison and her team specialize in menu planning and production, instructing kitchen staff in artistic and minimal presentation, as well as healthy preparation methods.  


Alison's mission is to inspire others in the enjoyment of artistic and healthful cooking.

Services Offered

Chef consultant

Contact Alison for assistance in improving the taste, appearance, healthfulness and ecological sustainability of the foods you serve. 

She and her associates do a comprehensive foodservice assessment upon which they make recommendations and help implement changes. 

Culinary trainer/ instructor

Adjunct faculty at Diablo Valley College in Culinary Arts.  

Chef Alison expertly shares her professional cooking skills as well as the health & healing properties of foods, and the ecological benefits of the local ingredients she uses. 

Recipe &



Alison has had amazing results in modernizing menus, recipes and production methods in large institutions such as John Muir Health and The Reutlinger in Danville, CA.

Her superb culinary and people skills help transform organizations.

Food Tech

Robotics, R&D

Alison's most recent experience has been in the area of food tech and robotics. She has done R&D for 2 startups, Level Oven and Chowbotics, over the past 3 years, helping to bring fresh, healthy meal offerings to areas that are not manned by personnel; dorms, break rooms, dining areas and more!

About Chef Alison

Executive chef at such noted Bay Area restaurants as Chez PanisseBridges and Ginger Island, Alison Negrin has seen some of the summits of the commercial foodservice world. In her role as executive chef for John Muir Health System, she was responsible for writing both patient and cafeteria menus for the three hospital campuses, as well as developing the dishes and menus for the various upscale catered events hosted by the hospital system.  


In 2013, Chef Alison established a consulting company specializing in helping restaurants, hospitals and other institutions increase purchases from local, sustainable food sources and train staff in healthy, seasonal cooking techniques. She is passionate about the power of nutrition and healthy eating in menu development and training.  


Since then her recipe and menu development has branched into food tech creating snacks and meals to be delivered via new and innovative devices, in order to bring food to corporate and higher ed pantries, and cafeterias.  Alison enjoys learning and adapting to the challenges and limitations while learning from engineers and innovators of the endless possibilities that technology can provide.

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The new food choices are making the residents feel alive inside. Alison Negrin is having a wonderful impact at The Reutlinger. We love how she is expanding the quality, variety and seasonality of ingredients, and increasing skills and knowledge of the kitchen staff.


Thank you, Chef Alison Negrin, for all the work you put into Chowbotics. In a world where chefs are often known to be temperamental, you stand out by being highly accomplished and easy to work with at the same time. Really enjoyed working with you.

Tom Harlan testimonial.jpeg

Alison transformed the entire hospital with her engagement with both patients and staff. She is an amazing human being in addition to being a superb chef. I was the Chief Administrative Officer of the medical center when I engaged Alison Negrin as the Chef. She is the BEST!

Jay Zimmer, CEO

The Reutlinger Home for Jewish Living

Deepak Sekar

Founder, CEO and Board Director at Chowbotics

Tom Harlan​

Former President/CAO

at John Muir Health

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