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Chef Alison is consulting with Ruck-Shockey Associates, Inc. to develop new menus for the expanded and modernized San Francisco Campus for Jewish Living, "Situated on an attractive nine-acre campus in San Francisco, we provide residents with on-site and off-site opportunities for enhanced living. Residents enjoy a wide range of life enrichment, cultural, intellectual, creative, and religious activities. We are committed to providing each resident with quality care of body, mind, and spirit."

CCD Helmsman

Chef Alison Negrin, Chef's Council®



For the past 7 years, Chef Alison Negrin has been a member of CCD Helmsman’s Chef’s Council® helping to reimagine food concepts from idea to market.


The council is a large part of CCD Helmsman’s food and beverage innovation process. They are trendsetters and tastemakers, influencing culinary culture and exploring global culinary traditions. Their expertise and perspective are valuable in bringing forth successful new products for food and beverage companies.


As part of CCD Helmsman’s Chefs’ Council®, Alison participates in:

  • Ideation & Concept Ignition

  • Flavor Roundtable

  • Product Review & Optimization

Diablo Valley College

Chef Alison Negrin, culinary instructor

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