Fermentation for Health eBook series

by Chef Alison Negrin

Master the art of preserving foods at home using the magic of fermentation.


Discover the health benefits of probiotic foods and drinks.


Picture your sunny spring kitchen filled with gorgeous jars and bottles of simple do-it-yourself ferments.


If you missed Chef Alison's Fermentation for Health Classes,

now is your chance to purchase the class materials

for all 3 classes for only $12.99!


Three (3) eBooks for the price of one!

#1 Fermenting Dairy

Make your own yogurt, kefir, feta cheese. 


#2 Preserving Vegetables and Fruits

Ferment Kimchi, tomatoes, even grapes! Make miso pickles, hummus and flavored vinegars.


#3 Probiotic Beverages

Find out what the new Kombucha craze is all about; make ginger bug, strawberry soda, or water kefir.


These brand new eBooks are great for beginning fermenters as well as those who are more experienced. They include a wonderful combination of old-style, traditional food preservation methods and newer, trendier recipes.


$12.99 for all three books!

Immediate download!

Visit my Contact page if you or your organization needs a chef instructor, a fun, hands-on cooking or fermentation workshop, or a consulting chef to train kitchen staff in professional cooking skills, develop fabulous new menus and recipes, and/or help with environmentally sustainable purchasing and preparation methods. Our mission is "creating healthy food zones."

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