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Services offered

About Chef Alison

Chef  Consultant

Contact Alison for assistance in improving the taste, appearance, healthfulness and ecological sustainability of the foods you serve. 

She and her associates do a comprehensive foodservice assessment upon which they make recommendations and help implement changes. 

Culinary Instructor

Currently adjunct faculty at Diablo Valley College in Culinary Arts.  

Chef Alison expertly shares her professional cooking skills as well as the health & healing properties of foods, and the ecological benefits of the local ingredients she uses. 

Cooking Demonstrations

Alison has extensive experience doing demonstration cooking, and has participated in many fundraisers and community events. Click here to see some of her past activities and the interesting things happening in the food world. 

Nutrition Consulting

Alison is a Certified Diet Counselor and available to meet with groups or individuals who are interested in improving their health through wholesome, local foods and sustainable, nutrient-preserving methods of preparation.


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